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3 Excellent Reasons to Focus on Achieving your best GCSE Grades. 

An insight into the importance of GCSEs.

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 A question that is often asked is: 

“Are GCSE’s important?” 


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Here are 3 reasons why. 

  • There are many well paid jobs that you can get with 4/5 GCSEs, Grade 4 and above. Here are some examples: 


Plumber, Electrician, Customer Service Rep., Estate Agent, Forensic Computer Analyst, Firefighter, Army Officer, Chef, Fitness Manager, Site Manager, Animal Technician, Brewery Worker, Science Education Technician, Laboratory Technician, Pharmacy Retail Worker, Farming, Personal Trainer and Professional Sport. 


Most of these jobs require English, Math and Science. Now remember your GCSE Combined Science is worth 2 GCSEs and if you do Triple Science, then that is 3 GCSEs.  

If any of these take your fancy, then research them. You may find that one of them is a potential career path for you and will help you focus fully on achieving your best GCSE grades.


  • National Apprentice Scheme. Apprenticeships combine practical training with study so you will earn a wage (with holiday pay) alongside studying.

The wage for each will vary according to the apprenticeship but they range from approximately £141-90 - £510.00 per week.  Apprenticeships are a great way to earn money whilst furthering your study.  

With relevant GCSEs you can apply for Level 2 (intermediate – GCSE level) and Level 3 (advanced- ‘A’ level) apprenticeships.  

Check out the options available to you by clicking on the button below. It will take you directly to the NAS website. 




In the meantime, here are some of the apprenticeships available at Level 3. Most require you to have 4/5 GCSEs, Grade 4 and above and again the majority require English, Math and Sciences.


Fire & Security Engineer, Sports Coach, Teaching Assistant, Social Media Content, Veterinary Nurse, Civil Engineering, Training Manager, Laboratory & Science Technician, Accounting, Pharmacy Technician, Surveying Technician 


  • Applying for university. When you apply to university, you do not have your ‘A’ Level results – only your predicted grades.

Universities are aware of the strong link between GCSE grades and ‘A’ level grades, so they pay attention to your GCSE grades.


Sometimes, all we need to focus on the challenge ahead is to have a goal or outcome. So, do some research and find that goal or outcome for you because it will give you all the motivation you need to do your best.