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Create GCSE Mitosis GIF Revision Notes

Bring Mitosis to life and create visual GCSE science revision notes.

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Here's a great idea to support your GCSE science exam preparation. Bring GCSE science alive with moving images (GIFs) to help you visualise the concepts.

Take the GCSE Biology topic, Mitosis. Diagrams of this process on a page are OK but the moving images of the stages of the process of mitosis is far more effective.

Take a look. 

Remember, mitosis is a cell division where a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells.

For GCSE science you need to remember the four main stages of mitosis; prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. The order of the stages of mitosis can be remembered using the mnemonic PMAT.


Prophase: chromatin into chromosomes, the nuclear envelope break down, chromosomes attach to spindle fibres by their centromeres.

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Metaphase: chromosomes line up along the metaphase plate (centre of the cell).

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Anaphase: sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell.

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Telophase: nuclear envelope reforms, chromosomes unfold into chromatin, cytokinesis can begin.

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And, just like that, the process of mitosis is brought to life.