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"Knowledge is not enough, we must apply...

...willing is not enough, we must do". (Bruce Lee)

· GCSE Study Tips

The example below shows how text (in the booklets) can be used to:

  1. help you answer the exam questions
  2. identify how the exam questions will go from just asking for knowledge to applying that knowledge.
  3. help with your GCSE Science Revision 

and exam practise.

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The green and yellow are questions asking you to remember facts and knowledge. Answering these questions will allow you to achieve up to a Grade 3/4 GCSE. 

The grey and blue are questions that are asking for an application of this knowledge and will get you to the Grade 4 GCSE and beyond. 

It is important to learn the knowledge but very important to understand the knowledge for you to apply it to achieve those higher grades. 

Have a go.