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QCT. A GCSE Linking Exercise on Chemical Bonding

A technique that will improve your knowledge and application of GCSE science topics.

· GCSE Study Tips

Mind mapping is a very popular resource when it comes to study and revision. Some, however, can be a bit off putting due to the many links, twists, content, size etc that they contain.

When creating your GCSE science study/revision notes, simple mind mapping can be very effective. Here's an example of what you could do. It is also a GCSE science 'Quick Check Thursday' activity too.

First, think of as many keywords/phrases as you can associated with the topic you are creating study notes or revisiing for. The example I have chosen is chemical bonding. Here are all the words/phrases associated with chemical bonding that I came up with:


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You now have to link them all together. For this QCT activity though, I have created a template to help you.


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So, as it instructs you, cut out the words/phrases and fit into the correct boxes above. You can self-assess/check your work below. 


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OR, use the answers above as a 'cheat sheet' if you are finding that your recall of chemical bonding needs a little more work. Either way, you are continuously adding to you GCSE science journey.

This resource is a cool little addtion to your GCSE science study/revision notes. Have a go at creating some yourself, or get together with a mate and create them for each other.