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Quick Check Thursday (QCT)

Self-assessment GCSE science quickies with a 'cheat sheet'.

· GCSE Study Tips

Welcome to 'Quick Check Thursday' (QCT). This is the day of the week that you complete random GCSE science self-assessment exercises on random GCSE science topics. 

These exercises will help you to stimulate your brain and keep up to day with the core vocabulary and concepts of a variety of GCSE science topics.

Each exercise is followed with a 'cheat sheet'. Now, you can use the cheat sheet first up or complete the exercise and then review your answers with the cheat sheet. Either way you will be exercising your knowledge recall and refreshing your study notes.


Here's the first QCT exercise on Cells Organelles. Draw a line to match the cell organelle with its' function.


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Check your work with the 'cheat sheet' below. If you can't remember the functions of the organelles, you can use the 'cheat sheet' to help you. Looking at the answers first up will help you to become familar with the cell organelles and their functions.


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Did you find that useful? Then have a go at another QCT exercise on Separation Techniques. The same rules apply.


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And, again, here's the 'cheat sheet' below.


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Let me know how you got on and if their is a particular GCSE science topic you would like to "Quick Check Thursday' yourself, then let me know through the combiclassroom website and I will create it for you in the next QCT blog.