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'Squad Goal'

Set your own GCSE targets.

· GCSE Study Tips

I learnt today that the current phrase for something you would like to have or achieve someday is called a 'Squad Goal'.


Audrey Hepburn commented that in life, there will always be things you don't think you can do, but as long as you give it a good go and push yourself like crazy you'll be fine. Even if you fail, you should try, you might discover that you have talents you didn't know you had. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”


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So, if you are just starting your GCSE courses don't be afraid to aim high. Give yourself a target of what you want to achieve and then go about putting into a place an action plan about how you will go about it. 


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Some of the best learning comes from 'giving it a go' and making mistakes. It teaches you that not getting it right the first time is absolutely fine. Your knowledge and understanding will improve from these mistakes.


Here are some handy tips for you to focus on in order to set your own 'Squad Goal'


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