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4 Basic Steps to Successfully Revise for Your GCSEs This Year.

Scientifically proven ways for better exam success.

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The following blog is based on research carried out by The Best Colleges. Click on the button below to go straight to their website for more information:


I have streamlined some of the information and made it simple and applicable to your GCSE science preparation this year.

Here are 4 basics revision steps to help you successfully navigate the GCSE science exam period.


1. Study From Print:

More than 90% of students polled said they prefer a hard copy or print over a digital device when itcomes to studying and school work. 

Let's take the GCSE science/biology topic of Food Tests as an example

(Here's a section of the COMBI Classroom AQA Biology Unit 2 Booklet: Organisation)


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2. Make Connections


Instead of memorising, "quicklearners" make connections between ideas.  

(Remember: revision notes do not have to contain the complete picture. Good revision notes prompt you to recall the complete picture.)


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3. Take the Practise Tests

A study finds that students who tested themselves with a practice test after learning the material retained 50% more of the information a week later than their peers who did not take a practice test. 


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4. Self-assess. Think about what you are thinking.

Students need to be able to assess their level of skill and where they are in their studies. So self-assess and check your answers.


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COMBI Classroom revision/exam preparation booklets are designed for you to follow these simple steps. Click on the button below and check out how you can make your GCSE science exam preparation a positive experience.