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A Great GCSE Science Revision/Study Exercise

Practise those 6 mark exam questions with this GCSE science hot tip.

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Here is a great tip for practising those GCSE science 6 mark questions. Remember, these are the questions that will improve your GCSE science grade to higher levels. All you need is the exam question, a piece of paper and a pencil (or pen).

Below is an AQA Biology 6 marker from 2019.


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Now, the two key words here are prevent and defend.

So, start to create a tree diagram, as shown below.


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Then, think about all the ways you know, or can find in your GCSE science study notes, that the body prevents disease entering the body. Do the same for how, once the pathogen has entered the body, the body then defends intself against that disease.

You will end up with a diagram like this.


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From this diagram, you will now be able to construct sentances to answer the exam 6 mark question.


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