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GCSE Science Exam Check. Hormone Control

'Quick Check Thursday' your understanding of the body's Blood Glucose and Menstrual Cycle control.

· GCSE Study Tips

Often a good way to create study/revision notes is to link concepts/processes diagramatically. However, it is important that the diagrams make sense to you and that you can use them to answer GCSE science exam questions.

So, for this 'Quick Check Thursday', I'm going to supply you with two diagrams. One for body blood sugar control and the other for menstrual cycle control. Have a look at them, make sure they make sense to you and then answer the GCSE science exam question that follows.

Here's your first one.


broken image


If you have a good understanding of how the body controls blood sugar levels then the diagram will make sense to you and you should be able to answer the following GCSE science exam question:


broken image


Check your answer below:


broken image


If you found that a useful exercise then try the next one.


broken image


Check your understanding with the exam question below:


broken image


And, self assess with the answers:


broken image


I did read a 'funny' on instagram the other day. Somebody posted that they had completed an exam question by looking up the answer and then writing it in. They commented, 'full marks to them'. 

This is an excellent way of practising exam questions, but if you need to refer to the answer to complete the question then make sure you put that in context and know that you still need to do more work to fully understand the concept.