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Create GCSE Science GIF Revision Notes.

Use GIFs to help you visualise GCSE Science ideas.

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How many times do you use GIFs?

Have you ever thought of using them to aide your GCSE Science studies?

Look at the GIF below. It shows a bolus (food) been swallowed, travelling down the oesophagus into the stomach.


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By just looking at this 8 sec video you can see how the muscles of the oesophagus move the bolus along, by peristalsis, into the stomach. You also get a glimpse of the stomach showing the gastric juices. 


Keeping on the same topic, the GIF below shows the lock and key theory of enzymes.

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This simple video gives you the key mechanism of this theory. It shows the shape of the active site of the enzyme and how that shape is specific to the substrate that it is acting upon.


The next one shows the villi lining the ileum (small intestine).


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It really allows you to see how the ileum is lined with millions of villi, giving it a large surface area allowing maximum absorption of the required nutrients.

Just these three simple GIFs gives great insight into the digestive system. 


Hot GCSE Science Tip: Create GIF electronic revision notes to make your learning visual and more engaging.

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