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Discover a different Approach to Learning GCSE Science

Here is a great study tip for achieving your best GCSE science grade.

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 DON’T cram at the last minute!!!!!

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Easier said than done? Well, NO it’s not.

There is a great book trending at the moment, Atomic Habits by James Clear.

It is generally aimed at people wishing to alter small habits and create better
habits so that you become the best version of yourself. It is worth checking out.

I was particularly drawn to the chapter titled ‘The Best Way to Start a New Habit’.

Whether you are just starting your GCSE courses or halfway through them, it will benefit
you to take on this approach.

Studies have shown that the two most common cues that can trigger a habit are time and location and by completing a simple sentence like... 

“During the next week, I will partake in at least 20 minutes of GCSE science study on Tuesday at 4.30pm in my bedroom

...your study intentions and habits can be 91% more effective.

This is known as an Implementation Intention. It is a plan you make beforehand about when and where to act. They are proven to be effective for sticking to your goals.

they increase the odds that people will stick with habits like, recycling, STUDYING,
going to sleep early, and stopping smoking.

Too many people say “I am going to …” but don’t specify when and where this is going to
happen. Clear states that “an implementation intention sweeps away foggy notions and transform them into action”.

Another thing that Clear has noted is that people are more likely to act on the 1stday of the week, month, or year because hope is usually higher, and hope is the reason to act. Action will create higher motivation which equals greater success.

So, at the start of your new school year get your GCSE studies off to a great start and
check out to implement this strategy.

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