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GCSE Science Hack: Seek a Simple Explanation.

Sometimes a simple explanation is all you need for GCSE Science Success.

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Here's a interesting GCSE Science Study/Revision Hack. Instead of getting bogged down with trying to remember the difference between, say, distance and displacement or speed and velocity, just google a simple diagram.

For example, lets go back to the difference between distance and displacement. You could look up your school notes, or study guide to get something like the following:


"Distance is a scalar quantity that refers to "how much ground an object has covered" during its motion. Displacement is a vector quantity that refers to 'how far out of place an object is'; it is the object's overall change in position."


Now, the above is a great explanation but you might just need a simple reminder to continue your revision on a higher level topic. 

So, Google images "distance v displacement" and you will get simple diagrams like this:


broken image


This will be all you need to refresh your memory and get back to the crux of what you were studying in the first place.


Can't recall the difference between acceleration or decceleration. Google image it and see a simple diagram like this:


broken image


This is a great reminder because it also gets you to check your graphical skills in interpreting 'velocity-time' graphs.


Weight and mass can push frustation button at times too. A simple diagram like this can ease the pain:


broken image


 If it is just a simple recap you need, the above diagram will do just the trick. However, if you still are struggling to identify how mass and weight differ then it will getting you thinking to resolve why the weight of a 50 kg person on Mars is different to that on Earth.

This one basic diagram will get you thinking and a variety of different forces and factors affecting them. Great GCSE science exam practise.