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Create GCSE Science GIF Revision Notes II.

Create GIF study notes. A fun and effective way to revise for exams.

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Preparing for your GCSE Science exams? Wondering what might be the best way to do that? 

I've got a great suggestiong for you. GIF study/revision notes. This is not only a great way of putting concepts into to visual context but also a fun way of creating a set of study notes.

Let's take the properties and trends of elements in Group 1 of the Periodic Table.


1. The elements contain one electron in their outer shell

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2. The elements are soft metals that can be cut with a knife

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3. The elements react with water and form hydrogen gas

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4. The elements get more reactive as you move down the group

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5. At the bottom of the group they are really reactive!

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6. A flame test is used to detect the presence of an alkali metal ion.

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This idea will create great visual images in your mind when a question on this topic arises in your exam. 

Hot tip: It is best to create your own revision notes as they are personal to your learning and understanding.

However, for those of you who just want to access this learning idea without creating them yourself, there are lots of FREE GCSE Science Tutor Boosters (in the GIF Study form), for a variety of GCSE science topics on the Combi Classroom website. Just click on this button below to take you to them: